The Pacific Northwest is a great place to live, but the weather can take a toll on your vehicle. The build up of moss and mildew or leafs and sap from trees are things that can seriously affect your vehicles exterior. A thorough exterior detail is crucial to maintaining the look of your vehicle.


Exterior detail SERVICE BREAKDOWN:

  • Complete wheel detail: Wheel wells, tires, inner wheel barrels, wheel faces, lug nuts and brake calipers.

  • Jet rinse entire vehicle to remove loose dirt and built up grime in cracks/seams.

  • Thoroughly wash vehicle, using the two bucket method.

  • Final rinse to remove suds and debris.

  • Blow water out of areas known to collect water and drip for hours post wash.

  • Soak up the remaining water with high quality microfiber towels.

  • Use a clay bar to remove contaminates in paint that have become embedded. Tar, industrial fallout, brake dust, or sap for example.

  • Apply paint sealant for 5-7 months protection.

  • Restore faded exterior trim.

  • Tires are dressed with no sling dressing.