mobile auto detailing common questions

Below are some of the common questions I get as a mobile auto detailer. If your have a question and can’t find the answer on this page, I am always available to talk so don’t hesitate to reach out!

  • how long does a detail take?

It all depends on the type of service being performed. I can spend two hours doing a simple wash and wax or four days doing a ceramic coating job on a large SUV or truck. Typically if your vehicle is getting an exterior/interior package detail expect to be without the vehicle for a whole day.

  • is there anything i should do before the scheduled appointment?

If your vehicle is receiving any interior detailing then please remove any personal belongings from the vehicle. Moyer’s Mobile Detailing is not responsible for any lost items. I put everything in a Ziploc bag for you to sort through later, I do this because I don’t know the difference between garbage and an old receipt you have been desperately looking for. If you have young kids please remove their car seats.

  • what forms of payment do you accept?

I accept debit/credit cards and cash. My card reader service is through Paypal, which means if you have a Paypal account you can send the payment to me online. Just search my phone number or email address on the Paypal website and you should find Moyer’s Mobile Detailing. NO CHECKS.

  • i just had moyer’s mobile detailing detail my whole car, what can i do to keep it looking freshly detailed?

You can join the MMD maintenance program for starters! I will once or twice a month and maintain the look of your car so the dirt and grime doesn't get a chance to build up. I also recommend buying some nice rubber mats to protect your carpets from the daily abuse of wet and muddy shoes. Finally, clean up any spills or messes inside the car right away and for the exterior DON’T GO THROUGH AUTOMATIC CAR WASHES! Find a touch-less car wash around your area and use their facility if you must.

  • i have a lot of stains on my seats and carpets, can you get all of them out?

I am successful 90% of the time when tackling interior stains. I use a combination of eco-freindly carpet and upholstery cleaners, specifically formulated spot treatment chemicals, a commercial vapor steamer, brushes and a high end hot water extractor. No other mobile detailing company in the Vancouver & Portland area is going to do a better job than me, that’s because nobody else carries the high caliber equipment like mine.