Keeping an interior clean can sometimes be a tough job. Whether your schedule is busy, you commute to work, or if you have young kids the inside of your vehicle is bound the get messy. After an interior cleaning, all your interior surfaces are protected to combat the day to day use and grime build up that will occur.


how do you maintain a clean interior after it is detailed?

  • Become a member of the MMD maintenance program! Contact me for further details.

  • Create a routine for yourself. Here is an example for you.

  1. Once a week go through the vehicle and remove trash and personal belongings that have been left over the week.

  2. Every two weeks give your carpet and upholstery a quick vacuum, give your plastics and vinyl surfaces a light dusting/wipe down.

  3. Every four weeks set aside a few hours to really give your vehicle a deep clean. Things like your glass, cup holders, air vents and so on.

  • If you happen to spill or cause a stain on your carpet or upholstery treat it right away with the correct product. Ask me if you need some product recommendations.


MMD is equipped with HOT WATER EXTRACTION!!!

This machine is best in class for cleaning automotive upholstery and carpet. I am the only mobile company in the Portland metro area that carries a machine of this caliber. Nobody else will be able to provide the results you will get from the MMD interior service.


  • Thorough vacuum entire cabin and trunk.

  • Floor mats and carpets shampooed. 

  • Cloth seats shampooed.

  • Leather seats deep cleaned.

  • Leather seats condition/protected.

  • Spot treat headliner for stains.

  • All plastics and vinyls cleaned; (dash, center console and door cards)

  • Apply layer of UV protection with hydrophobic properties infused. 

  • All interior glass cleaned with streak free cleaner and microfiber towels.

  • Fresh scent spray.


additional fee if vehicle condition includes:

  • Excessive pet hair

  • Mold infestation

  • Has or Had a rodent infestation

  • Toddler syndrome(wear and tear from kids)

  • Bodily fluids

  • Sand

  • Extremely soiled/severely neglected