Buying a new car is a huge investment, so why not take care of that investment? A vehicle that is well cared for will retain value, and the Moyer’s Mobile Detailing new car prep service is a great start.

The New Car Prep is a service that allows brand new cars that have never been properly detailed before to have factory imperfections removed.  A New Car Prep allows us the opportunity to extensively look over and examine the entire vehicle for defects and imperfections. From there, the customer will be given an explanation of how to correct these imperfections as well as the best course of action for each individual car. 

Most people believe that a brand new car should be perfect and won't need any work. However, in most situations this is not the case. Take into consideration that each car goes through a build process in which workers touch the panels, test drive the cars, being transported to dealerships, washed improperly, "Dealer Prep details", stored outside unprotected until purchased. These are only a few situations where your new car or trucks appearance can be compromised, the list of possibilities is endless.


New car prep service overview:


  • Thorough Wash

  • Full wheel cleaning, tar/ brake dust removal

  • Decontamination

  • 1 stage of machine polishing

  • Wax, Sealant or a ceramic coating professionally applied by Moyer’s Mobile Detailing

  • Tires Dressed

  • Exhaust tips polished and protected 

  • Door Jambs cleaned

  • Glass cleaned and protected 


  • Thorough vacuuming

  • Door panels/ trim cleaned and protected

  • Leather conditioned



Once the vehicle is polished and clean of any dealership or factory installed blemishes, I highly recommend investing in one of the ceramic coatings I offer. A ceramic coatings is the best way to protect your vehicle and ensure it retains its value. To learn more about the ceramic coatings click the link below.